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Business Conference

Hey there!
I'm Hataw Khola and I lead our team of Online Business Managers at the Ace.

Now, if you made it to my little corner of the internet, you’re likely an  entrepreneur or CEO who is ready to rockout a better role on their team. If you're feeling overwhelmed and your self care is on the backburner you are not alone. We are just the solution you've been seeking!

I understand the ups and downs that comes with business, understanding the cultures, being consistent and persistent is critical to be successful, we are here to lead with compassion and help you to see your FULL potential.

With our wider business knowledge we create robust strategies to translate vision into reality. With our strong analytical and problem-solving skills, drives us to think "outside the box" and see the bigger picture to assist you and your business in its growth, with a passion for making a difference together. 

I’m on a mission with my Ace OBM team to help you get out of the day to day grind of your business, get clarity and focus on where to best use your time and keep you accountable to your goals. Together let's bring your vision and mission to fruition!

Let’s get you on the fast track to scale, shall we? It starts with a no-obligation call with our team. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to get started!

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