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Grow Your Team.
Build Your Business.
Scale Your Empire.

We Offer Custom Online Business Management Services as Unique as Your Business!

Business Meeting

Are you feeling...

  • Overwhelmed, stressed, wanting to bring all the moving parts together

  • The desire to grow and scale, but your daily operations consuming up all your time and energy

  • You cannot tackle new projects because of everything else on your plate

We help you...

  • Re-focus on the BIG picture

  • Scaling your business and taking back your Time

  • Streamline, Simplify and bring together all the moving parts

Business Meeting

Bye-Bye Business Overwhelm

We are the team you can trust!

ACE OBM offers a full suite of Online Business Management services. Hataw and her team thrive on team-based collaborations with their clients, in-depth strategic planning, and simply getting their clients' businesses to a proactive (instead of reactive-hair-on-fire) state. We are a team of expert Online Business Managers on-call and ready to contribute to any project you need to get off the ground.
Hataw is the Founder and Head of Strategy at ACE OBM. As a business nerd, at the age of 17, she went and started her first business, powered through her MBA, and went on to gain over 18 years of experience in business development, business strategies, operations and project management  in the corporate world. Having worked with small start-ups to multimillion-dollar businesses, Hataw and her team understand the challenges and opportunities that come with business operations, sales and marketing and cross-cultural communication. 

Hataw and the team get their kicks helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs realize their business goals and focus on the things only they can do in their business. It all starts with booking your discovery call with our team. 

Our Services



Breakthrough / Strategy Session

Gain clarity and lay the foundation for the next 90 days of your business

Our 90-minute strategy sessions are designed to help you get clear on what needs to happen in your business, the strategies and the tool's you need to implement and GROW.

We'll create a plan that will set your business on course for sustainable growth!



Online Business Management 

Are the daily tasks of running your business preventing you from growing and scaling your business.

Our retainer packages are designed to focus on the big picture ensuring your vision is becoming a reality to move your business forward. Whether you need business development strategy, operations management, project-based or ongoing support, we'll get your there!


Lena Storm

Hataw very easily adapt herself into different processes and understand the whole perspective/Big Picture. Hataw's creative and innovative qualities and fresh thinking, has been overly helpful in our struggle to streamline and optimise our operations. 

Becoming the successful delegator is the stuff business dreams are made of. Let us support you as you uplevel CEO!

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